The Thoroughbred Adoption Network website services all eligible Thoroughbred adoption organizations. If you are interested in adopting a horse that is listed by an organization other than the TRF, please refer to the Adoption policies and applications of the organization listing that horse on our "Participating Organizations" page.

The TRF tries to make the adoption process as easy and as inexpensive as possible, yet must take necessary precautions to make sure that the horse in question will be turned over to a suitable, caring home. To start the process for a TRF horse, fill out an application (PDF), which you can acquire by clicking here and e-mailing it back to us. We require references, as well as some personal information on the applicant. Once the form has been received, a TRF employee or volunteer may visit your farm or the place where you plan to board the horse to make sure the facilities are adequate. You must have secured stabling arrangements before an adoption can be finalized.

Upon approval of the adoption application, we will look for a horse that best suits your needs and desires. While we normally have a number of horses available for adoption, we take great pains to find the right horse for you. The process may take a month or longer.

The tax-deductible adoption fee, which is non-refundable, can run from a low of $500 to a high of $5,000. While all horses are priceless to us, we try to base the fee on the condition and potential of the horse. For instance, a young, healthy horse who may turn into an outstanding dressage prospect would require a larger donation fee than an older, infirm horse who can be little more than a pasture pet.

After the adoption has been completed, the TRF will require that your veterinarian report to us yearly concerning the horse's condition and vaccination history. We will also require that you notify us if you and/or the horse has moved. You cannot sell or transfer your horse without prior approval of the TRF. Our herd manager, Sara Davenport, (859) 519-8355 will be glad to answer any other questions you may have.


View: Bail N Out

Bail N Out

Wonderful Horse/Great Teacher/Great Friend


View: Belongs to Don  “Dianna”

Belongs to Don “Dianna”

Rider Level: Intermediate to Expert


View: Blum Gone

Blum Gone

Need a reliable kid horse?


View: Brahma Queen - “Queen B”

Brahma Queen - “Queen B”

Rider Level: Expert


View: Burning Term - “Willow”

Burning Term - “Willow”

Rider Level: Intermediate to Expert


View: Chichasawhatchie


A perfectly wonderful gentleman!


View: Daddy Rabb (Yager)

Daddy Rabb (Yager)

Pasture mate that can take a ride too!


View: Darrens Delight

Darrens Delight

The perfect intermediate horse


View: Dignified Digger - “Velvet”

Dignified Digger - “Velvet”

Rider Level: Intermediate to Expert


View: Do It Deputy "Zippy"

Do It Deputy "Zippy"

Great Companion Horse and Pasture Pet. Light riding potential. Quality photo


View: Dr Charlie

Dr Charlie

16h, 2006 gelding. Sweet and mature guy with a kind soul. Sound for walking trail rides.


View: Dunemoor


Needs a human who wants to go somewhere.


View: Easley Amused - "Denise"

Easley Amused - "Denise"

Rider Level: Intermediate to Expert


View: Fleet Valid “Fleetie Boy”

Fleet Valid “Fleetie Boy”

Rider Level: Any


View: Gray Bambena

Gray Bambena

Bombproof, willing worker


Holiday Doll

Easy keeper, no vices, sound and well mannered under saddle


View: Irish Late Arrival “Irish”

Irish Late Arrival “Irish”

Rider Level: Any Level


View: Iwo Hero

Iwo Hero

SOUND, CLEAN LEGS, good hunt-seat candidate, dressage, trail riding


Jenny's Gold

Needing a serious trail horse? (photo coming soon)


View: Jimmi Jinx

Jimmi Jinx

All around pleasure horse


View: Johnny Z

Johnny Z

Loves to Jump!


View: King De

King De

Big, Handsome trail horse


View: Langzig


Perfect all round horse


View: Little Smoothy

Little Smoothy

SOUND, CLEAN LEGS, good hunt-seat candidate, dressage, trail riding


View: Malanato


Beautiful 11 y.o Thoroughbred; great looks; great ride


View: Me Missin' You

Me Missin' You

Kind, Quiet, Beautiful Pasture Pet


View: Mighty Tuff

Mighty Tuff

Perfect trail buddy


View: Mr. Spontaneity

Mr. Spontaneity


View: Ostinato


Talented gelding, ready for a discipline to train


View: Pavlov's Dog

Pavlov's Dog

Handsome, Loving Companion or Light Ride


View: Precocious Brienne

Precocious Brienne

Broodmare, light riding


View: Prince Julien

Prince Julien

Beautiful, Friendly, Pasture Pal


View: River Rafting

River Rafting

Lovable guy, retired from eventing, looking to be a light riding horse!


View: Royal Credit – “RC”

Royal Credit – “RC”

Rider Level: Intermediate to Expert


View: Scary Guy

Scary Guy

His name says it all..


View: Selway


Loves trail rides and work


View: Smashing Example

Smashing Example

Cute! Cute! Cute!


View: Storm the Party

Storm the Party

Storm is the PERFECT companion, bonds with love and respect.


View: Sylvia Song

Sylvia Song

Broodmare, trail horse, jumping, polo


View: Talking Blues "Blue"

Talking Blues "Blue"

Perfect companion/pleasure horse


View: Tonga


Dressage candidate. No vices


View: Twasmi Pleasure

Twasmi Pleasure

Perfect pet or pasture pal


View: Very Valentine

Very Valentine

Intermediate rider needed


View: Wicked e Split

Wicked e Split

Fantastically fun trail horse!


View: Wild and Royal

Wild and Royal

Kindest horse on the planet and BIG!