The TRF tries to make the adoption process as easy and as inexpensive as possible, yet must take necessary precautions to make sure that the horse in question will be turned over to a suitable, caring home. To start the process for a TRF horse, fill out an application (PDF) and e-mailing it back to us. We require references and information on where any adoptive horse might reside. Once the form has been received, a TRF employee or volunteer may visit your farm and/or request pictures of the property (fencing, shelter, pasture, water source, etc.) to make sure the facilities are adequate. You must have secured stabling arrangements before an adoption can be finalized.

Upon approval of the adoption application, you are welcome to try any horse we have available for adoption. Visit our facilities and horses!

The tax-deductible adoption fee, which is non-refundable, can run from a low of $500 to a high of $2,000. Our main objective is finding the right home for our adoptees.

After the adoption has been completed, the TRF will require that your veterinarian report to us yearly concerning the horse's condition. We will also require that you notify us if you and/or the horse has moved. You cannot sell or transfer your horse without prior approval from the TRF. Our herd manager, Sara Davenport, or (859) 519-8355 will be glad to answer any other questions you may have or send you an application!


View: Annie Pokely

Annie Pokely

Quiet enough for beginners but enough training for the intermediate rider

View: Aviendra


Young mare coming off the track

View: Be Distinct

Be Distinct

She's the total package for a kid, senior or beginner

View: Bet on Me

Bet on Me

Professionally trained for you...

View: Bigger is Bettor

Bigger is Bettor

Young horse with loads of potential

View: Cannwyll


Rescue horse that's easy to love!

View: Certainly Appealin

Certainly Appealin

Your next trail horse?

View: Columbus Pride

Columbus Pride

Nice therapy mare or senior mount

View: Curlew Road

Curlew Road

He's stunning!

View: Dance Vice

Dance Vice

Awesome horse with lots of potential

View: Double Deputy

Double Deputy

The ultimate Lady

View: E J's Lady

E J's Lady

She wants to please, just give her a chance

View: Hot Chocolate Jim

Hot Chocolate Jim

Lots of miles and experience

View: Jet on Home

Jet on Home

Eager to please a quiet rider

View: King De

King De

Big, Handsome trail horse

View: Live Love Laugh

Live Love Laugh

Blank canvas, OTTB

View: Mighty Tuff

Mighty Tuff

Perfect trail buddy

View: Mystic Fever

Mystic Fever

Experienced riders look here...

View: Nobucksfortuck


Very well educated, could be a teacher

View: Ostinato


Talented gelding, ready for a discipline to train

View: Pocazzone


He's got the experience

View: Point of Glory

Point of Glory

Fun horse to ride

View: Readytodefer


Could do a number of things...

View: Ringaroundtheson


Seasoned show horse

View: Robert's Tribute

Robert's Tribute

Perfect therapy horse, he's a pleasure to be around

View: Scary Guy

Scary Guy

He's anything but scary

View: Selway


Loves trail rides and work

View: Simply Straight

Simply Straight

She's looking for work

View: Smashing Example

Smashing Example

So very CUTE and SWEET!

View: Story Bond

Story Bond

Beauty and personality

View: Tannersville


Sound, sane and pretty!

View: The Herc

The Herc

What's your pleasure?

View: Vanquisher


We like him and you will too

View: Why For Me

Why For Me

Trail companion right here