B. J. Diablo

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Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

Aug 26

Nite Light

B. J. Telicus






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Adoptable Horses Description

B.J. Diablo – 15.3hh, 2014 Puerto Rico-bred Thoroughbred Gelding

Equibase page: http://www.equibase.com/profiles/Results.cfm?type=Horse&refno=9735047&registry=T

B.J. is a lightly raced gelding. He ran just seven times, with a record of 3 wins and 3 second place finishes. He was retired and came to Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare Inc on 4/19/17. B.J. had a knee soreness when he came to CTA (he raced hard as a young horse and had small knee chips), but has had time off and is sound. He also came with a reputation for being a bit difficult to handle as he’s young, wasn’t taught ground manners, and is a curious guy (he likes to stand and stare at things). He has learned to be turned out with buddies and enjoy being with other horses. He’s now standing for grooming and for the farrier, and overall showing improvements in other ground manners. He’s learning to lunge and work without a rider.

So, we are seeing many improvements and the possibility for a wonderful riding career for this 3-year-old gelding…

One trainer who has been riding and working with B. J. said in his most recent ride that he felt better and was moving better and responding to commands/aids. Also, one volunteer who took him on a trail ride through the rainforest recently said he behaved “spectacular”. Just like with a young child, he’s been growing, maturing and improving, both physically and mentally, in the 4 months he’s been with CTA. We believe that he is a “blank slate” for an advanced or intermediate rider with a good trainer to mold into a great riding or sport horse. It would take time and patience, but what fun it would be to start from the ground up teaching and working with him. We believe he could do almost anything, including low-to-intermediate jumping, trail riding, and could ride English or Western.

To learn more about B. J. Diablo, please message us. We’d be happy to discuss any questions as well as fees. Thank You!

Western, Hunt, Jumping, Pleasure




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