By My Side

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Rio Grande, PR (CTA farm)

Jan 28

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By My Side

2010 FL-bred Mare with 60 starts


By My Side is a 15.2hh, 2010 Florida-bred Mare with 60 starts. She just retired from racing in Puerto Rico after 60 starts (in States and in PR). She survived hurricane Maria at the PR racetrack, which was decimated during the storm! She is generally sound, but we are still assessing her and allowing her time off. The veterinary surgeon who evaluated her believes she will be able to at least be a flat-riding, trail and pleasure horse. She may be able to do more, and we’ll update information as we learn more about her. She has a really nice disposition and is adjusting well to OTTB life. Typically, PR doesn’t have enough homes for OTTBs; however, after the storms, there are very few good homes for OTTBs in need PLUS Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare is being asked to retire more horses from racing than ever.

Bringing a horse home to the mainland States isn’t as difficult or expensive as one might imagine. We have returned many OTTBs to the States and are happy to discuss the process with you, including the logistics and costs (we get deeply discounted rates for rescue OTTBs). Depending on circumstances, CTA can likely assist with some or cost to return By My Side.


Please message CTA: [email protected] OR call CTA: Kelley Stobie (English and Spanish): 787-486-0845 or Shelley Blodgett (English only): 561-308-2185



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