Flag On The Play

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Marysville, OH

Aug 29


Dubai Belle





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Adoptable Horses Description

Oh those eyes and his photos don’t do him justice! Flag On the Play has a very wise expression and very serious nature, which is in direct conflict with the fact that he needs people for reassurance even if he says he doesn’t. He pretends that he is so brave, but not until he gets to know his person really well and then he loves spending quiet time in or out of his stall with you.  Flag retired from racing with some wear and tear to his fetlocks and stifles, so after starting back to work after some time off he still isn’t 100% sound under saddle.  So in fairness to him we have decided he needs to be retired, meaning Flag is looking for a home where he can be a companion to other geldings and humans alike.  He is sound without a rider though, so no restrictions on turn out.  24/7 turn out would not be his first choice because he likes his nap time in his stall in the afternoon, but he can go out for most of the day though.  Flag could be ridden at the walk without harm, but he is not brave enough to wander too far from the sight of the barn alone.  He currently goes out with 2 geldings and he gets along very well with them, playing if they want to play or will just stand and socialize when it is hot outside.  Flag has no vices.  


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