Mr. Macchiato – 2007 OTTB Gelding 16.1 hh

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Marysville, OH

Apr 4


G U Devil





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Adoptable Horses Description

Mr. Macchiato, known as “Junior”, was in race training and about the time he was ready to go to the track his owner became ill, so Junior retired on their farm without ever actually making it to the track.  So he just hung out at their farm for the past 7-8 years until recently when his owners health started to decline he and his buddy Last Drop’a Cognac were sent to New Vocations.  Surprisingly Junior did remarkably well when put under saddle, but he will stick to you like glue being very codependent on his person. He does not like to be alone, but still will be respectful while watching the other horses in the pasture play as he works.  The video was his first ride outside as the arena was finally not frozen or under water!

He will limited to light flat work and would probably enjoy trail riding only if other more confident horses went with him.  He could also be a babysitter in a herd of other geldings and he has been turned out with a mare, but I don’t suggest it because he may become too attached.  Junior loves people and attention and needs daily turn out to be happy (and treats).



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