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Aug 26


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787-426-0845 (Kelley; English & Spanish) or 561-308-2185 (Shelley; English in FL)

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Run Binky Run – 16hh, 2008 Florida-bred Thoroughbred Mare

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Binky is a beautiful 16hh, 2008 FL-bred OTTB (off-the-track-thoroughbred) with 96 starts. She was retired to Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare Inc on June 29, 2017. She is looking for a Sanctuary home, though she will likely be able to lightly ride trails or just flat.

She had several issues when she came to CTA: a UTI, skin infection (fungus), hoof fungus and was worn and underweight, all of which has resolved. She is looking and feeling good. She also has cold, set osslets (so her ankles aren’t the prettiest). What has limited her is she has chronic laminitis in one front hoof, which will require a medicine plate if she will be ridden. She is happy, pain-free and sound with good attention to her feet. She has a delightful, personable disposition and has adjusted very well to being an OTTB. She can be safely turned out with other horses as she loves other horses (and people). We think she’d be excellent as a companion horse and/or a non-riding or light-riding only horse.

Bringing a horse home to the mainland States isn’t as difficult or expensive as one might imagine. We have returned many OTTBs to the States and are happy to discuss the process with you, including the logistics and costs (we get deeply discounted rates for rescue OTTBs). Depending on circumstances, CTA can likely assist with some or cost to return Binky.


Please message CTA: [email protected] OR call CTA: Kelley Stobie (English and Spanish): 787-486-0845 or Shelley Blodgett (English only): 561-308-2185

Western, Dressage, Jumping, Pleasure




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