Winning Dubai

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$300.00( Adoption Fee )

Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

Jul 7


Winning Bidder







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Adoptable Horses Description

Winning Dubai is an 8-year-old, 16.2hh, Kentucky-bred gelding  (


·       Winning Dubai has a winning personality! He is very friendly and loves to be with people and other horses. He is easy to handle and has a beautiful, kind temperment!

·       He retired from racing in December 2016; he raced 96 times in Puerto Rico and is a true war horse.

·       He has been in the Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare, Inc program since January 2017 and has fully “letdown” from racing. He has learned to be in a paddock and with buddies.

·       He has large, set osselets that do not bother him much and sesamoiditis. He is on a supplement for arthritis and doing very well.

·       He would be best suited to be a campanion and/or therapy horse (not ridded or only very lightly ridden) given his wonderful demeanor. He could be a lightly ridden trail horse on the flat provided his adopter takes care of his arthritic ankles and be mindful of his physical state. Beach rides in the ocean could wonderful for his ankles.

    • Adoption Fee: $300, negotiable. If you return him to the States to a good home, CTA would consider waiving the adoption fee







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